Prosecutor and Sheriff Elections in 2021: A Masterlist and Calendar

New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, among other states, are electing many of their prosecutors and sheriffs in 2021. Here is a masterlist and calendar of what to expect.

Daniel Nichanian   |    November 12, 2020

This article originally appeared on The Appeal, which hosted The Political Report project.

Roughly 150 prosecutors and sheriffs are set to be elected around the country in 2021. These races hold the potential of upending the politics of certain states, most notably in New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Prosecutors and sheriffs set a wide range of policies that impact detention conditions, incarceration rates, ties with ICE, and more.

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This spreadsheet below identifies the counties that will elect a prosecutor and/or sheriff in 2021. It also contains information about filing deadlines and election dates. (Information about 2022 elections and future cycles is available on this page.)

Note: This list features regularly-scheduled elections. The list could grow if vacancies trigger special elections.