Who Is Running for Clerk and Recorder in Colorado in 2022?

Colorado’s county clerks and recorders are the chief election administrators in their county and they sit on the local canvassing board. And this is an elected position: Most counties are electing their clerks during the 2022 midterms, with large stakes for election administration given the pressure that the Big Lie is putting on election officials.

Below are all the candidates who are running for the Democratic and Republican nomatination in the June 28 primaries in Colorado counties of at least 30,000 people. (For other counties, local election offices provide a list of candidates.) Note that independent candidates may also appear on the November ballot; Bolts will update the page in the fall with this information.

Clerk candidates in the Republican primaryClerk candidates in the Democratic primary
Adams CountyKaren HoopesJosh Zygielbaum (inc.)
Arapahoe CountyCaroline CornellJoan Lopez (inc.)
Boulder CountyNoneMolly Fitzpatrick (inc.)
Broomfield CountyNo electionNo election
Delta CountyTeri Stephenson (inc.)None
Denver CountyNo 2022 electionNo 2022 election
Douglas CountySheri Davis
Kory Nelson
Karen Lindberg Jefferson
Eagle CountyNoneRegina O’Brien (inc.)
El Paso CountyPeter Lupia
Steve Schleiker
Lisa Wilkes
Fremont CountyNoneJustin D Grantham (inc.)
Garfield CountyJackie HarmonBecky Moller
Jefferson CountyVicki Pyne Amanda Gonzalez
La Plata CountyNoneNone
Larimer CountyAngela MyersToni Baker
Mesa CountyJulie Fisher
Bobbie Gross
Jeffrey Waldon
Montrose CountyTressa Guynes (inc.)None
Pueblo CountySarina Adame
Nathan Baxter
Gilbert “Bo” Ortiz (inc.)
Candace Rivera
Summit CountyNoneStacey Nell
Weld CountyCarly S. Koppes (inc.)None